Ep 7: Locking Your Mortgage Rate

The New Home Owner Podcast
The New Home Owner Podcast
Ep 7: Locking Your Mortgage Rate

The number one financing question we hear from new home buyers during the build is “when can I lock my mortgage rate?”. We sit down with Mortgage professional Mike who breaks down what it means to lock your rate, the best time to do it, and next steps for final loan approval. If you need peace of mind when it comes to locking your rate, this is a must listen!

7 thoughts on “Ep 7: Locking Your Mortgage Rate

  1. Every step of the way the Ryan Homes staff has been with me to answer all my questions and concerns.
    I’m much further along in my process but the podcast were awesome and I know for others they will help to ease the nervousness of buying a home.
    Thanks again Ryan Homes Staff… you guys are awesome!

    1. Hi Selina! Absolutely love your feedback and thrilled to hear of your positive experience.. thank you for listening and enjoy your new home!

  2. All the episodes are very interesting especially # 7 and would like to say thanks Mike for tips/ informations, it’s a relief.

  3. I’ve listened to this podcast about 3 times and still confused about rate locking. I’m buying at a time where rates are increasing and hope my decision to lock is a correct one.

    1. Hi Denise! I certainly understand firsthand that rate locking can be nerve wrecking. Guidance from your Loan Officer coupled with following your gut is my best advice. You are not alone in your feelings!

  4. I have always followed the podcast, episode 7 is very interesting as I have already locked my rate before the pre-drywall meeting. I did the 120days rate lock and I am at rest with the rates skyrocketing.

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