Ep 1: You Signed Your Contract! Now What?

Welcome to the very first episode of the New Home Owner Podcast! You just signed your contract and there’s a good chance you’re going through a roller coaster of emotions. You aren’t alone! Tune in to hear our guest speaker, Sales Representative Valli Ruiz, talk about her personal experiences with people buying their first home.Continue reading “Ep 1: You Signed Your Contract! Now What?”

Ep 2: Preparing for Your Loan Application

You’ve signed your contract, and now it’s time to submit your Loan Application. This can feel like one of the most stressful parts of the homebuilding process, but tune in to this episode to learn exactly what to expect, how to prepare, and review the very basics of what makes up a mortgage payment. We’llContinue reading “Ep 2: Preparing for Your Loan Application”

Ep 3: Making Your Design Selections

It’s time to make your design selections and this is where it all starts to feel real – you get to actually visualize and plan for what your home will look like. On this episode we talk with design expert Krista Peterson to learn all about how her team created the Design Interiors program toContinue reading “Ep 3: Making Your Design Selections”

Ep 4: Preparing to Build Your Home

Your first new home purchase may have felt like a whirlwind in the beginning, but now things are starting to slow down. But don’t worry, there’s actually a ton of things going on behind the scenes as our Team prepares to start construction on your new home. Tune in to learn exactly what’s happening, who’sContinue reading “Ep 4: Preparing to Build Your Home”

Ep 5: Meeting Your Project Manager

We’re SO close to breaking ground on your home, but before we do, it’s time to meet the person who will help guide you through your new home build – your Project Manager. Emily, Project Manager in Miami, talks through the relationships she builds, sets some expectations and most importantly, helps you prepare for yourContinue reading “Ep 5: Meeting Your Project Manager”

Ep 6: Building Your Home Part 1

The time has come to build your home! From pouring foundation to the roof going up, our own building professional Dave Carter walks us through every step of the process leading to the Pre-Drywall Meeting. Get a better understanding of who is actually building your home and exactly what to expect at this meeting, soContinue reading “Ep 6: Building Your Home Part 1”

Ep 8: Building Your Home Part 2

In Part 2 of our Building series, your home is getting its finishing touches! The team along with Special Guest David Nichols discuss the final stages of the building process, from flooring and cabinetry installation to electrical fixtures and appliances. Get an understanding of when you can visit your home during this stage, and someContinue reading “Ep 8: Building Your Home Part 2”

Ep 9: Your New Home Orientation

Are you getting excited? It’s time to discuss the New Home Orientation, the last meeting you will have with your Project Manager ahead of settling on your new home. We sit down with our Regional Production Trainer Ryan to understand the goal of this meeting, what to expect, and how we’ve simplified the experience toContinue reading “Ep 9: Your New Home Orientation”