Ep 4: Preparing to Build Your Home

The New Home Owner Podcast
The New Home Owner Podcast
Ep 4: Preparing to Build Your Home

Your first new home purchase may have felt like a whirlwind in the beginning, but now things are starting to slow down. But don’t worry, there’s actually a ton of things going on behind the scenes as our Team prepares to start construction on your new home. Tune in to learn exactly what’s happening, who’s managing what, and how this step of the process can impact your building timeline.

8 thoughts on “Ep 4: Preparing to Build Your Home

  1. I liked the tip on documenting the life of your house…wish I’d thought of taking a picture of the lot before leaving Delaware. What can you recommend since I live in Virginia while awaiting my house being built?

    1. Your Project Manager can definitely accommodate you being far away while you build. Ask for weekly photo updates if you are not already receiving them!

      1. Just received news my preconstruction meeting is in the process of scheduling. I will ask for the weekly photo updates and hope to stop by the site the next time in Delaware.

  2. Very insightful podcast conveyed in a relaxing, conversational manner, while being highly informative. My comfort level with the home build process is increasing with every podcast. Great job.

    1. David, wow, this is just what we were going for! We truly appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy the process.

  3. What a relief for me as during the “quiet period” I was wondering what happened, if there had been a change with being approved or if being a new homeowner had slip through the cracks. My thoughts were all over the place. This podcast really enlighten me & gave me that self assurance that a “quite period” is only a pause for the new homeowner to catch their breath and relax from the days before of calls, emails, signing documents, etc. I know that there are ALOT of personnel working really hard behind the scenes to make my vision come to life of being a new homeowner.

    Very interesting information received by listening to this podcast. Kudos to all!

    1. We’re so glad to hear this podcast gave you peace of mind in the process! Thank you for commenting, Lynette. We look forward to you moving into your new home – Congratulations!

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