Ep 3: Making Your Design Selections

The New Home Owner Podcast
The New Home Owner Podcast
Ep 3: Making Your Design Selections

It’s time to make your design selections and this is where it all starts to feel real – you get to actually visualize and plan for what your home will look like. On this episode we talk with design expert Krista Peterson to learn all about how her team created the Design Interiors program to help you make selections as simple as possible. If you aren’t sure which Design Interiors palette is for you, you’ll want to tune into this episode!

7 thoughts on “Ep 3: Making Your Design Selections

  1. This was so helpful. I was very overwhelmed when choosing my color for our new home. We went through the neighborhood for about a week looking at all the current homes and their colors to get a clear picture of what it looks like ON the home. I do wish there was a program that you can choose your home type and elevation and look to see the different colors from outside to inside.

    1. Great feedback Mindy! I’m glad this episode was able to help and we certainly understand the benefit of a visual tool. Will pass that along!

  2. Listening to this made me think back to my day at the sales office after signing the contract. Picking out the DI palette was not too hard, however, picking the exterior palette was a bit of a surprise. So much more to learn as this is not my first time buying but building. These podcast episodes are really helpful…I hope to get a sample of the interior color from the Sherwin Williams store 🙂

    1. Good idea, Denise! We are learning a lot as we go too, specifically in areas we can improve the customer experience. We appreciate your feedback!

  3. Is there a standard interior color based on the type of house and/or community being built?

    1. Hi Denise! The standard color is SW City Loft, but I would suggest confirming with your Project Manager in case your community is different.

  4. Very helpful..I’m going through the first homeowners process.. my Ryan Home scheduled to start building in Sept.

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