Ep 5: Meeting Your Project Manager

The New Home Owner Podcast
The New Home Owner Podcast
Ep 5: Meeting Your Project Manager

We’re SO close to breaking ground on your home, but before we do, it’s time to meet the person who will help guide you through your new home build – your Project Manager. Emily, Project Manager in Miami, talks through the relationships she builds, sets some expectations and most importantly, helps you prepare for your Pre-Construction Meeting. This is an important one!

19 thoughts on “Ep 5: Meeting Your Project Manager

  1. Thank you for the information! As a new home buyer; this information was insightful and vital. I have been enlightened as to what to expect; what and what not to do. I look forward to the preconstruction meeting.

  2. My preconstruction meeting will have to be held virtually. How will I be able to review the blueprints during the meeting?

    1. Sorry for the delay in our response! Your Project Manager will be able to share their screen where documentation will be viewable. Connect with them to be sure this step in the process is not missed!

      1. Hi Kelsea, no problem with the response timing…had my pre-construction meeting on May 19, 2022, and received a call today, May 27, that construction has begun…YAH! Ironically, I drove to the site the day before and took a picture of the lot and sold sign. Could not stand by the sign as there were workers prepping the ground. Thanks to the team for these podcasts as I am listening to them again as I reach each milestons.

      2. That’s so exciting!! Coordinate with your Project Manager to snag a photo with your lot sign when workers are not in view!

      3. Great suggestion, how long do they hold on to those signs…lol. I’m currently in Virginia. My son & I did go back over the weekend & I took a few of the construction started. Also drove through the community and met a newly moved in neighbor šŸ˜€

      4. It varies by community so ask your Project Manager for clarity! So happy to hear you were able to meet a new neighbor, I’m sure there will be more new friends to come!

      5. Hi Kelsea, although I’m not a Facebook/Meta person, I was wondering how to find out if Verona Woods has a community social media set up? I asked my sales rep and he did not know.

    1. Hi Mercylino! I suggest working directly with your Sales Team towards a resolution. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to Customer Care at 877-550-7926.

  3. Hi,

    What are the items that are being reviewed “selection” during the pre-construction meeting? We will have our meeting this week or next week. Also the scale down blue print is this a document that they are sharing or a link virtual that we van view? How many types or parts of the project milestone do we expect when building a new home?

    Thank you for this podcast, it helped a lot for the new buyers having this experience especially it is all new to us.

    1. Thank you your feedback, we’re so glad to hear this podcast has helped prepared you for your new Ryan Home! Your representative will be reaching out to help answer your questions! Congratulations, Maria!

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